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25/Feb/2021 is a company born in 2012 for the digital world. Its founders, passionate about sneakers and the internet, decided to combine their knowledge in an e-commerce of footwear and urban clothing, taking as a distinctive sign its offer of only carefully selected products. They currently have two physical stores, in Madrid and Barcelona, and their e-commerce is globally recognized for its exclusivity and interesting proposals.

A few months ago, the company made the switch to gummed paper to seal its online shipments. We spoke with Esteban Pérez Ferrero, warehouse manager at, to know a bit more about the company and its motivations.

How did you find out about gummed paper tape?

Logically, because of my work; through my packaging tape supplier. He was the one who introduced me the advantages of gummed paper tape comparing to the traditional seal we used before.

Why the decision to switch to gummed paper tape as a packaging seal system?

Because it is a tape made of kraft paper with a vegetable glue solution that allows it to stick perfectly to cardboard surfaces. It is an ecological, sustainable, and recyclable product...

With what did they previously close their boxes and packages in general?

We used the traditional plastic tape.

What benefits has the switch to gummed paper tape brought you?

The glue is introduced between the fibers of the cardboard box material, establishing an unbreakable network. When you try to remove it from the box, it breaks. The image of the tape in conjunction with our packaging is in accordance with the style of our brand, and results in an attractive packing and with a clearly ecological and recyclable image. In addition, the tape, together with the dispensing machines, allows a very considerable saving in time in the packing area, due to the ease and speed of dispensing the product. These machines make it possible to automate the process of closing the boxes, totally optimizing the preparation of orders. We have reduced the costs in relation to the seal, but the best thing is that we are more respectful with the environment.

So, has the environmental situation, ecological awareness and responsibility influenced the decision to change to a recyclable, biodegradable and sustainable closure?

Yes, it has certainly been one of the main reasons. For both and our customers, sustainability and respect for the environment are currently essential. For sustainability is transversal in our objectives.

How has your customers received your packages sealed with gummed paper tape?

The feedback we collect from our customers, both on social media and through the customer service department, has always been very positive. It gives you greater security and the certainty that your package has not been opened from when it leaves our facilities until delivery. Removing the gummed paper tape will break the seal. This indicates whether the box has been previously opened, thereby guaranteeing the inviolability of the packaging and the product it contains. This is the reason that many other ecommerce companies are opting for the gummed paper tape.

How do you rate the quality of the Ibergum gummed paper tape and the service we provide?

The service, till today, has been impeccable. If ever a problem arose, the most appropriate solutions were quickly sought.

Would you recommend water activated tape as a packaging closure system?

It depends on many factors and the type of packaging that each company uses for their shipments, but yes, without a doubt, I would recommend it in most situations.

Any other comments you deem appropriate?

The commercial treatment of Ibergum has always been excellent. Both advice, and recommendations, as has grown as a company, and during the continuous changes we have experienced, they have always been positive.


Gummed paper tape has been and continues to be key in the processes of today's companies, ecommerce companies that assume their responsibility with the environment, and save time and money, while extending their brand throughout the world.

We thank and Esteban Pérez Ferrero for their collaboration and we wish them many more successes.


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