25/Feb/2021, ecommerce and gummed paper tape

Sustainability is one of the main motivations of for switching to gummed paper tape for sealing their shipments.


Origin of gummed paper tape and a visual tour

It is not easy to find out who gummed and when the first strip of paper to seal a package, but its efficiency continues: gummed paper tape is eternal.


Tell me how you seal and I'll tell you who you are

Everything the customer knows about you just by taking a look at the packaging and the seal of your shipment.


Monomaterials and monopackaging in circular economy

In circular economy, the entire cycle of a product must be designed for the reintroduction of the material into the productive flow. The sealing of cardboard boxes with gummed kraft paper implies strict compliance with the monopackaging concept.


Cardboard box and gummed paper tape: the perfect couple in packaging

Same composition, same properties, perfect and natural adhesion ... Cardboard boxes and gummed paper are just like this: the perfect couple.


What is gummed paper tape? The perfect seal for cardboard boxes

What is gummed paper? And how many types of gummed paper do we manufacture at IBERGUM?


We are Ibergum and we manufacture gummed paper tape

Continuous improvement activates and encourages us in our daily commitment to customer satisfaction and with the environment.


How to make unique my ecommerce with WAT

If you have decided to start your own online business or are adapting and optimizing the one you already had to current circumstances, you already know that packaging is a fundamental part: it is the first key point of contact for the customer/online brand…


Testing IBERGUM gummed paper tape

For IBERGUM it is essential to verify that our product meets all our quality controls. So we can guarantee it.


Gummed paper tape for the pharmaceutical industry

SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR THE PACKAGING OF MEDICINES. The gummed paper tape contributes specially to the fulfillment of the provisions on the use of sealed tamper-proof packaging.

Ibergum, leaders in kraft gummed tapes

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