What is gummed paper tape? The perfect seal for cardboard boxes

What is gummed paper tape? And how many types of gummed paper tape do we manufacture at IBERGUM?


We are Ibergum and we manufacture gummed paper tape

Continuous improvement activates and encourages us in our daily commitment to customer satisfaction and with the environment.


How to make unique my ecommerce with WAT

If you have decided to start your own online business or are adapting and optimizing the one you already had to current circumstances, you already know that packaging is a fundamental part: it is the first key point of contact for the customer/online brand…


Testing IBERGUM gummed paper tape

For IBERGUM it is essential to verify that our product meets all our quality controls. So we can guarantee it.


Gummed paper tape for the pharmaceutical industry

SAFETY REGULATIONS FOR THE PACKAGING OF MEDICINES. The gummed paper tape contributes specially to the fulfillment of the provisions on the use of sealed tamper-proof packaging.


Five ideas to reduce the environmental impact of packaging

Cardboard or paper wrappers and packaging are always the most sustainable and have the highest environmental reputation among consumers. Starting from this base, we must have very clear ideas which will help us to reduce the packaging’s ecological footprint.


Online customer, packaging and Environment

The environmental factor in the packaging is one of the basis of the ecommerce customer at the time of the purchase decision.


Saving costs with gummed paper tape

The cost of the packing material must be estimated according to the total performance of its function: low productivity, equipment stoppages, increase in waste material, or damage and theft during transport will make the difference.


Paper and cardboard in the food industry

Paper and cardboard have a long and succesful jouney in safe food protection.


Product, export and packaging

How do I have to pack my product to export it?

Ibergum, leaders in kraft gummed tapes

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