History of recycling: paper recicling, a cultural legacy

Recycling is inherent to nature itself and to all human cultures. Paper recycling has been practiced since ancient times and is a legacy that history brings us and we must know how to take advantage of it to achieve a sustainable world.


Guide to proper recycling of paper and cardboard

Spain is the second country that recycles the most paper and cardboard in the EU, only after Germany. However, there are still times when we have doubts when it comes to managing paper and cardboard waste: information is essential to achieve quality recycling.


Ibergum in 2024 is Ibergum Eco

Our commitment to the Environment and sustainability and the dynamics of the company have brought us until 2024 and Ibergum Eco.


How do we print your gummed paper tape seal at IbergumSA?

Everything about the process by which at IbergumSA we turn your gummed paper tape into the perfect personalized seal for your ecommerce and your online shipments.


Three steps for your printed gummed paper tape seal

Are you still not taking advantage of the packaging seal on your ecommerce shipments, informing your customers about your campaigns, and reminding them about your brand? Here we tell you how to do it.


Paper, screens and concentration

Paper, digital and their different effects on our ability to concentrate.


Standard Kraft Gummed tape. Our most natural gummed paper tape/water activated tape

What is standard gummed Kraft gummed tape? What are the advantages of using it? What types of standard Kraft water activated tape are there? When to use it?


Gummed paper tape printed with water-based inks for your company marketing actions

With a minimal additional cost, at Ibergum we print the gummed paper for the seal of your packaging with water-based inks and your logos, emblems, or campaign slogans: more memory and effectiveness in your marketing and branding actions.


Natural starch, the other component of gummed paper tape

Potato starch as component of water activated tape and some curiosities.


The challenges and trends of packaging for 2023

Fueled by the confluence of various factors, the world of packaging is undergoing a deep transformation that presents many challenges and exciting oppotunities.

Ibergum, leaders in kraft gummed tapes

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