Online customer, packaging and Environment

The environmental factor in the packaging is one of the basis of the ecommerce customer at the time of the purchase decission.


Saving cost with gummed paper tape

The cost of the packing material must be estimated according to the total performance of its function: low productivity, equipment stoppages, increase in waste material, or damage and theft during transport will make the difference.


Paper and cardboard in the food industry

Paper and cardboard have a long and succesful jouney in safe food protection.


Product, export and packaging

How do I have to pack my product to export it?


Fipago, the global gummed paper industry

To know more about Fipago, the International Federation of Gummed Paper Manufacturers.


Towards the Circular Economy

The Action Plan for the European Circular Economy accelerates the transition in the continent, creating jobs and new business opportunities...


Gummed paper tape and Environment

As consumers and customers we know very well that, everyday more, the packaging that respects the Environment is a determining factor in choosing one or the other brand. That's why sustainable packaging always adds value to the brand.


Gummed paper tape: the ecommerce seal

E-commerce benefits from the many advantages of gummed tape: from the guarantee of inviolability of contents to cost savings.


Kraft gummed tapes/water activated tapes and robbery in packaging

What happens when you open the package you are waiting enthusiastically, and there are not inside the items you bought?


Why closing cardboard boxes with gummed tape?

Cardboard of the box and plastic of the filmic tape are two different materials with big differences between them.

Ibergum, leaders in kraft gummed tapes

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