Guide for choosing and buying gummed paper tape

A quick guide

Choosing and buying gummed paper tape as a seal for your packaging, think about the objectives of your company and the characteristics and needs of your shipments. Then, contact the specialized people.

If you have made the decision to make a definitive change in the way you close the packaging and shipments of your company, as the most cutting-edge e-commerce companies are doing, you already have more than half the way done. Perhaps you have doubts about how to buy gummed paper tape, do you want to know what are the subjects you must consider towards to a successful choice? Here we tell you, keep reading.

To buy gummed paper for your packaging you must take into account the characteristics of the product you want to pack, determine the type of gummed paper you need and obtain specialized help.

To choose gummed paper tape. When you are clear how you want to reach your client

The companies know the importance of the seal in the packaging to avoid incidents and problems in their shipments. Closing cardboard boxes is a key step in the correct packaging process. When deciding the material with which we are going to close our shipments, the correct questions will lead directly to the correct choice.

  • Do you just want to close your cardboard boxes, or do you think a good seal is better?

A minimal experience in logistics and supply chain makes us observe that it is not enough to close cardboard boxes in the usual way; right now, a seal is essential to ensure the inviolability of the packaging: the use of the gummed paper tape guarantees that the cardboard packaging is impossible to open except through breakage, which inevitably leaves evidence, ensuring detection in the event of theft or removals of items from packages.

  • How much do you value the good presentation of your shipments?

More than ever, the image of a company is reflected in its shipments and the companies that integrate the elements of its packaging to optimize its brand image are the most valued among its customers, be they these companies or end consumers.

  • How do you contribute to care the environment?

Both companies and consumers, we are increasingly aware of the environmental impact of the growth of ecommerce and, therefore, of the packaging that makes it possible. Minimizing this impact is our direct responsibility and this presents a growing relevance in customer loyalty and trust.

How to buy gummed paper tape? Quick guide to buying gummed paper tape.

Once the decision has been made that gummed paper tape is the option for sealing my shipments, what criteria should I follow to buy the gummed paper tape that I will use?

What do you want to pack?

The product is the essence of your business. Is it a high-value, ecological, food, pharmaceutical product? Keep in mind that this type of product requires greater security in the packaging and that the characteristics of the product to be sent will determine the most appropriate packaging requirements. The gummed paper tape provides us with all the security guarantees and is manufactured in a wide range of widths and weights.

How much does it weight?

If your shipment weights less than 25kgs, the Kraft gummed paper tape, ribbed or unribbed, will guarantee the correct closure of your cardboard packaging. The Ibergum gummed paper tape materials are calculated to fuse cardboard box and seal, which form a single body, reinforcing the packaging. This type of gummed paper tape is precisely the one most used by our customers and our flagship product. When the packaging exceeds that weight range, the various kinds of reinforced gummed paper tape will give an answer to your needs.

What logistics and supply chain needs do you products have?

Considering the destination of your shipment and how many means of transport and loading and unloading will require the itinerary of your product until it is received by your client, it is the key to choose the right type of gummed paper tape for closing your cardboard boxes. Gummed paper tape withstands extreme temperatures without losing one of its qualities, so that wherever your products go, the packaging will remain perfectly sealed.

How are your cardboard boxes?

The Kraft paper that we use in the manufacture of our Ibergum water activated paper is, naturally and as produced from ‘wood pulp’, brown in color; the same origin and color have the usual cardboard boxes. But, in addition, it is possible to bleach the base paper through non-polluting processes, in accordance with community regulations. Some of our customers use white cardboard boxes and prefer to seal with white gummed paper tape; others prefer it for aesthetic reasons when printing their logos, campaign emblems and brand image.

There are still some questions to be clarified to determine our purchase: how wide should our gummed paper tape be? What will be the ideal diameter of the coils? And the grammage? Everything will go according to the needs. At Ibergum we manufacture based on the requirements of our customers, and our technical team is always attentive and willing to inform you and help you in your choice and in your purchase of gummed paper tape.

As a last tip, we recommended that, as in any other supply for your company, you always consider the option of going directly to Ibergum or any of its distributors: you will get first-hand information from experts, you will get seals fully adjusted to your needs of packaging and you will get better prices.

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