Tell me how you seal and I'll tell you who you are

Tell me how you seal and I'll tell you who you are


In the packaging processes, the companies pay attention to the cardboard boxes, the majority material in shipments, are appropiate in quality, resistance and size; indeed, the protection of the product during its course in the logistics chain to the final consumer is the fundamental objetive of packaging. However, it still happens with some frequency that the seal is not given the same importance, despite the fact that it is obvious that the cardboard box will not perfectly fulfill its packaging function if, at the end of the process, it is not perfectly closed and properly sealed.

Throughout our experience, we have known companies that have had to lose business to understand the crucial importance of a proper closure for cardboard boxes.

Customer, whether composed of companies or final consumers, or both indistinctly, are increasingly considering and more in detail the packaging in which they receive our products. From that primary contact, the recipient perceives a  greater o lesser confidence in the commercial relationship. This is especially significant in B2B -business to business- commerce, when the transactions are made between companies, when the one on the other side of the commercial channel is another company that knows perfectly the main problems of companies and the best practices to fase them.

From the reception of first orders and, simply with a cursory examination of the packaging, the attentive eye draws conclusions:

  1. How you know and value your product. A poor seal can put the content of the cardboard box at risk and indicates a lack of thought and care, haste and lack of concern for the product shipped. 
  1. How you know the supply chain of your products to the end customer, being it a company or consumer. The various shipping phases and the packaging requirements for each of these phases should determine how you pack. 
  1. How you use your company’s resources and how do you save on costs: qualities, quiantities, additional security systems, insurance, protection against thefts and tampering in packaging… etc. 
  1. How do you know the real needs of your customers, at what level do you value their shopping experience and their satisfaction whith your service. 
  1. How do you consider the impact of your economic activity on the environment: if you are already using cardboard boxes as packaging for your shipments, you are already clear that they can be used several times and are considered one of the best recyclable resources. Also by using gummed paper tape as safe and economical closure for cardboard boxes, additional costs are eliminated in the recycling processes, while you will achieve the concept of monopackaging, essential in the current context of the circular economy
  1. How to take advantage of your options to make your brand. Printing the seals for your shipments with your logo, instructions or campaign messages is the best way to personalizae and make your brand memorable. 

In today’s saturated market, customers increasingly focus their attention on key aspects of their buying process, those that help them distinguish and establish their trust. Taking care in these aspects is vital for companies.

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