Sustainable packaging: an urgent need

Sustainable packaging: an urgent need


What is sustainable packaging?

Sustainable packaging is the one designed and developed to minimize its impact on the environment and fulfill its function in a circular context.

Containers and packaging are part of our daily life and represent a matter of great social, economic, and environmental importance, since they constitute most of the waste that we generate as a society; It is estimated that, for each person, almost 200 kg of packaging waste is generated. If these wastes are not recyclable or recycled, they end up polluting water, soil and air. Fortunately, companies are becoming more aware of the situation and their investment in sustainable packaging is skyrocketing to adapt to a reality in which the planet could deplete its resources in less than 100 years.

Consumers are increasingly concerned about the conservation of the environment as a immediate and very urgent problem, and they point to companies as the agents that must lead de change through their offers and practices.

There are no legal norms that define what is considered sustainable and what is not. So, when is packaging sustainable?

  • Sustainable packaging often uses recycled, recyclable, or renewable raw materials.
  • Measure accurately and considers the impact of materials and processes on CO2 balances.
  • It contemplates, from the moment of its design, its function in logistic and supply chains.
  • It considers and extends the useful life of the packaging and the return of the material to the productive cycle in the context of circular economy.

The switch to carboard and gummed paper tape

Switching to renewable raw materials, such as cardboard, always makes sense. Most of multichannel consumers -point of sale + ecommerce- consider that, when a company substitutes plastic for cardboard for its containers and packaging, it does so to preserve the environment. More than 90% prefer to receive their products in cardboard, a natural and renewable resource of reference in the circular economy. Hygiene and sustainability are paramount in this regard.

And when it comes to ensuring the hygiene and total safety of the goods packed in cardboard, the qualities of gummed paper tape are unique: it seals, seals and unifies al the cardboard packaging material -monopackaging-, which is impossible to open or manipulate without detection, and also, being made with natural materials -Kraft paper and starch as adhesive-, it is the only seal that guarantees respect for the environment and sustainability. Cardboard packaging is easy to recycle -up to 10 times- without the need to separate the tape. This helps to minimize the impact of packaging on the environment, introducing it into circular economy processes.

The client and companies are no longer looking only for the product, but for sustainability in the entire process behind its production and distribution. They know that this is the future of the planet and its own future...


If you are considering the change to sustainable packaging with a seal for carboard boxes environmentally friendly, and you have questions, our technical team is happy to assist you: please, contact here.


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