Gummed paper tape dispensers - Efficiency in packaging sealing

Gummed paper tape dispensers - Efficiency in packaging sealing


Gummed paper tape dispensers and applicators are the right tool to achieve maximum efficiency and agility in the intensive sealing of cardboard boxes. Whatever the packaging size, weight or quantity, gummed paper tape dispensers optimize shipment preparation, reducing waste due to accurate tape measurements, and saving time and material costs. The best productivity is always a competitive advantage. Gummed paper tape dispensers or applicators are also called humidifying machines or humidifiers.

What is a gummed paper tape dispenser?

A gummed paper tape dispenser is a mechanism that measures, moistens with water to activate the adhesive, and cuts with precision dispensing the gummed paper tape, easily and quickly. There are different types of gummed paper tape dispensers:

  • Manual applicators. - They are compact for manual use; they have a water tank and a brush or roller to moisten the gummed paper tape, thus activating its natural adhesive and cutting through a simple manual pull and tear action. Very easy to use, they are recommended for small volumes of use and craft activities. 

  • Semi-automatic dispensers. - They are operated with a lever and do not require power supplies. They measure, moisten the gummed paper tape, and dispense and cut with a blade in one operation. Resistant designs which are recommended for intensive use. 

  • Electronic dispensers. – They are electric dispensers, by means of a keyboard they encode the standard measurements for sealing cardboard boxes, with the possibility of establishing other measurements of any other length. Ideal for intensive closing of cardboard boxes, they allow obtaining strips of gummed paper tape with a predetermined length, ready for application, and have different working positions. 

  • Automatic sealing/closing machines. - These machines incorporate a system of adjustable heads with humidification, for sealing cardboard boxes both on their upper and lower sides, as well as on both sides. They are adjustable in height and width so that the machine works automatically.

In the use of gummed paper tape, it must always be borne in mind that a single band of gummed paper tape band is enough to achieve and inviolable sealing of the cardboard boxes. A gummed paper tape dispenser will always be necessary to apply the product. Under normal conditions of use, these dispensers have a useful life of more than ten years.

How to use the gummed paper tape dispensers? 

It is necessary to insert the roll of gummed paper tape that the machine unrolls smoothly and regularly, dispensing it in strips of the required measurements. Activation of the adhesive on the gummed paper is achieved with small amounts of normal tap water.

The use of different types of gummed paper tape dispensers is intuitive and fast; they are operated with buttons and are very easy to adjust and configure according to the needs of each type of packaging. These are robust machines and comfortable to move.

The gummed paper tape dispensers can be used by several operators simultaneously, optimizing the sealing process of cardboard boxes in packaging.

They do not require special maintenance, simply clean the brushes with soap and water once a week and avoid the collapse of pieces of paper on the dispenser rollers.

Always before buying a gummed paper tape dispenser, we recommended the advice of our technical team for a decision, both in the purchase of the type of gummed paper tape and in the appropriate machine, fully adjusted to the requirements of each company.


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