Four common injuries in packaging sealing

Four common injuries in packaging sealing


During 2021, there were 156.660 casualties due to musculoskeletal overexertion and 51.011 occupational injuries due to contact with Sharp or pointed objects only in Spain.

Most of these accidents and injuries occur in handling processes. In production environments where the warehouse or the packaging area is a fundamental part, the operator in charge of packaging faces the task of cutting and applying adhesive tape to close the cardboard boxes daily. It is a repetitive task that, carried out day after day, after a period can and does causes injuries due to overexertion. These situations are not only painful and detrimental to people and staff, but also lead to delayed or lost work time with the consequent delays, hospital leave and significant unforeseen cost, which are also detrimental to productivity and company accounts. Occupational risk prevention plans must deal with tackling and avoiding, without a doubt, this type of situation.

What are the main injuries caused by packaging work?

The most common injuries on the job of packing and packaging are usually:

Carpal tunnel syndrome. - It is a disease caused by excessive pressure on the median nerve, the nerve in the wrist that allows movements of the various parts of the hand. The repetitive movements necessary for the application of plastic adhesive tape, using the habitual dispensers, are one of the causes of this syndrome.

Trigger finger or stenosing tenosynovitis. - In this condition, the finger is stuck in a flexed position and flexing, or straightening causes a clicking sound. If the injury is severe, the finger may get stuck in the flexed position. Repetitive gripping and force actions are the cause of this ailment.

Quervain's tenosynovitis. - It affects the tendons of the wrist on the thumb side causing pain and inflammation near the base of the thumb, difficulty gripping and a stinging sensation. Without treatment, the pain spreads to the forearm. Repetitive overload in everyday tasks produces this type of damage to the tendons.


Cuts and punctures with cutter. - Very common in industrial warehouses and packing areas are cuts and punctures on hands and wrists due to the use of cutters and other cutting tools during sealing and packaging tasks. In many cases, fortunately, these accidents do not have serious consequences, although they are unpleasant and hinder optimal performance. However, the frequency with which they occur increases the chances of serious injuries, of which we all know cases.

How to avoid lesions and wounds in the packing area of my company’s warehouse?

In packaging processes, the dispensers and applicators of gummed paper tape for sealing cardboard boxes drastically reduce the risk of injurie: both the risk of lesions caused by overload of repetitive manual movements with a packing tape gun, as well as wounds caused by cuts and punctures are eliminated.

Automating the process of sealing cardboard boxes with water activated tape means eliminating the manual task of cutting and applying the adhesive tape, keeping personnel save and avoiding injuries and accidents. The production process becomes more reliable, safe, and precise while speeding up, increasing productivity by up to 21%.

That the staff carry out their work safely, maintaining the desired level of production, while avoiding stoppages and unforeseen cost and unpleasant and dangerous situations for people, is risk prevention, and is essential when making decisions in the companies.

The switch to sealing cardboard boxes with gummed paper tape always increases productivity in packaging and reduces risk in the workforce.

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