Five fatal mistakes in closing your eCommerce packaging

Five fatal mistakes in closing your eCommerce packaging


With the enormous number of shipmets of products that occur every day and every year in the world, the wrong choice and the misuse of packaging and its seals causes billions in losses for companies, especially eCommerce companies.

FMCG* estimates show that global waste in the consumer goods packaging industry is approximately $1.5 billion (calculated as 0.3% of the total value of the industry).

In the daily performance, errors made in the preparation and packaging of all types of orders, including eCommerce and online ones, are often discovered. Practice teaches that the proper packaging closure protects our items during shipping, gives our products their due value and reveals to the customer the care that our brand wants to dedicate to them.

Indeed, considering the closure of the packaging as a simple part of the tooling of the product without taking into account its function of protection and security in the shipment, or not considering the eCommerce seal as an excellent opportunity to surprise, please and bluild costumer loyalty, could turn out to be the most general and gargantuan of our mistakes.

For this reason, we have wanted, based on skill, to select which are the most common and damaging errors for the security of your shipments, and, in addition, for the excellence of a customer experience that guarantees loyalty; avoiding not only security problems, but bad feelings, bad comments and negative unboxing videos for your eCommerce is the goal.

The main mistakes in your eCommerce seal

  1. Mix packaging materials.- If the shipment is in cardboard, there is no reason to close it with a material other than gummed paper tape, due to efficiency, savings, safety and sustainability reasons. Your client does not want to see that the parcel arrives open; when disposing of packaging, does not want to have to separate different materials for proper recycling. Every day the concept of monopackaging becomes relevant.


  1. Too much sealing material.- Who has not received shipments in cardboard boxes with an excess of adhesive tape? The security is more than doubtful at first glance, the presentation is pitiful, the opening difficult and cumbersome: in general, the impresión it makes is disastrous. This protection of the shipment risks and the bad effect upon arrival do no exist when using gummed paper tape, since the amount of gummed paper tape is cut to the exact measure, avoiding not only material waste, but also bad shopping experiences.


  1. Plastic in the packaging.- The problem of plastic in the environment is becoming more serious and pressing. Plastic contaminates all ecosystems and it has been proven that is already in the human food chain. Consumers are increasinly aware of their impact in the environment. Much of the shipments are made in cardboard. Gummed paper tape is the perfect and sustainable option for sealing cardboard boxes. And it always works in the right proportion: not too much, not too little.


  1. Do not use the eCommerce seal of the cardboard boxes to make branding.- Through logos and emblems of your brand, your slogans and advertising messages, your customer will distinguish your shipping every time it arrives, will find out about your new campaigns and will appreciate the careful and different shopping experience that your brand provides. Details such as including in the packaging the strips of gummed paper tape necessary to reseal in case of product return, will have a positive impact in shopping experience. Your eCommerce seal takes on a leading role.


  1. Prioritize cost to security in the seal of shipments. Losses due to packaging errors and their impact on companies sustainability policies are becoming encreasingly important in management. It is not enough to close; the gummed paper tape acts as a seal. Theft, specially in high-value products, can give eCommerce entreprises more than one headache*. The same as damage to shipped product, due to the lack of adequate closures in cardboard boxes. Fort he customer, these are catastrophic failures that clearly determine which eCommerce to continue placing order with and which not..


The use of inefficient packaging closures only has bad consequences: it encreases the costs of order preparation and the entire shipping logistic process, it gives a poor image of your online store that not only makes customers not repeat, but also it spreads through social networks and negatively affects the image of your online business. Companies that avoid these errors by using gummed paper tape as an eCommerce seal ensure that the effect will be exactly the opposite: security, resistance and total reliability in shipping, sustainability and a shopping experience that the customer will remember and want to repeat.

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* FMCG: Fast Moving Consumer Goods.

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