The beauty of paper

The beauty of paper


 Paper is one of the materials which have mostly influenced the development of the human civilizations. From first Egyptian papyrus - from which name comes the current  one paper- earlier than 3000 b.C., and the first paper production/manufacturing processes , as today we know it, in China in the second century b.C, it has been esential for supporting and transmiting the human knowledges through writing and then printing. But, in addition to its numerous applications,  not only useful, but also protective and decorative, due to the diversity of textures, tones and natural shades, it is a noble and beautiful material.

Packaging with cardboard and paper have returned with its traditional force. The classical kraft paper is on fashion: its colors and finishes, natural and authentic, and its infinite ornamentation and customization possibilities are the trend in last recent years. Kraft paper gummed tape application  provides security, readability of printed data, and elegance to your packaging. When all the raw material used in the manufacture of these paper products comes from forests and sustainable crops, the environmental effect is highly positive. In addition, being totally biodegradable and, therefore, respectful with the environment, wrappers and paper closures are also an optimal support for the differentiation and diffusion of a brand wherever your shipments arrived. 

Have you already chosen between plastic and paper for your packaging?

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