How to make unique my ecommerce with WAT

How to make unique my ecommerce with WAT


Ecommerce, according to the latest reports, indicates increases of 55% in this last months; 40% of consumers express their intention to increase their online purchases going forward, and the electronic commerce represents a stronger business opportunity than ever for various sectors among which are those of local food, sports, toys, home, pharmacy anda parapharmacy, electronics and computers…

If you have decide to start your own online business or are promoting and adapting the one you already had to current circumstances, you already know that packaging is a fundamental part: it is the first key point of contact client/brand online, and, in the absence of others, it becomes essential in the customer experience, so all aspects must be carefully considered.

The increasingly demanding client concentrates his interest in the social and corporate responsability of brands and in the sustanaibility of their production processes and logistics. The future of the species and the planet depends on all this. So how do you choose the packaging for your online store?

Cardboard, a safe value

The packaging in which your costumers receive your products must be in harmony with the principles of your business and your brand: the quality of the materials speaks to the range of the product they contain, as well as your concern for product safety until moment when it reaches your client’s hands and for his satifaction.

Choose recyclable packaging that shows the responsability of your business with the environment. Its size should be the most appropiate for the content: the customer is very attentive to the excesses in the empty space of the packaging and to the quantities and fillers used to protect the product during transport. Cardboard is always a safe value, with numerous strength and protection properties. It is safe at a sanitary level, and sustainable: 95% of cardboard packaging is currently recicled. 4 out of 5 consumers perfer cardboard packaging whenever possible.

Seal with gummed paper

The security and inviolability of the product sent in e-ecommerce depend on the seal of the packaging. The customer does not want to see the closure of the packaging that arrives open, and the company does not want added costs and robbery problems in its shipments. In your cardboard packaging, the gummed paper seal is always the most appropiate: using homogeneous materials you guarantee total security, the concept of monopackaging and the recyclability of the cardboard without the need to separate the tape or adding costs.

Biodegradable, from sustainable forest management crops, there is a type of gummed paper tape for every need, which will also considerably improve the overall appearance of the packaging. With good comercial advice, you can choose the ideal gummed paper model for each type of box according to weight, dimensions, color and transport system.

Your gummed paper tape, printed

In addition to being the safest seal, gummed paper provides the perfect support for printing safety instructions and EAN codes, matrix codes…etc. And it is the perfect base for personalizing your product packaging and branding.

Keep in mind that the closure of the packaging is the first point with which your client will interact: its appearance, texture, your brand’s logos and emblems, campaign slogans or advertising messages printed on the gummed paper seal, will achieve the beginning of a memorable shopping experience, which will prepare the first physical contact of your client with your product, so that your client does not forget and wants to repeat.



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