Gummed paper tape in logistics

Gummed paper tape in logistics


Packaging is a fundamental process in logistics: the success of all successive handling, storage and shipping operations depends on good packaging and, therefore, the arrival of products and goods at their destination in the right conditions.

Companies that wants to streamline and optimize their packaging processes and avoid unwanted incidents that raise cost, implement gummed paper tape as a sealing system for cardboard boxes for their shipments. And they find immediate results.

Gummed paper tape in handling

Consecutive task to picking -reception of order, selection and collection data, orders and traceability-, the packing or conditioning of orders must resolve the process of packaging products for transport, considering all possible contingencies. Each of the companies that makes the change to gummed paper tape as a sealing system for cardboard boxes verifies, from the first moment, a considerable saving of time and material in the packaging zone.

Indeed, the product dispensers make the task extraordinarily easy, automating the measurement and wetting and cutting of the gummed paper tape according to the parameters provided for closing the flaps of the cardboard box. The movements neccesary for the operator are reduced, speed and productivity are increased, without fatigue or material waste. The system prevents cuts from the use of a cutter and injuries due to carpal tunnel syndrome. The gummed paper tape performs with all its benefits in extreme conditions and temperatures.

Gumed paper tape in storage

Achieving an efficient warehouse and moderating operational costs not only involves the reception and quality control of the goods, but also their registration, and the maintenance of the special conditions requires by each product depending on its characteristics during its time in the warehouse. Water activated tape withstands extreme condictions. Indeed, a box closed with gummed paper tape will remain sealed in extreme hot and cold conditions, which is why gummed  paper tape is ideal for closing boxes for the food sector in frozen products and baked goods. In addition, it is worth knowing that, under cover and in normal conditions, the gummed paper tape will maintain its properties  and continue to perform its function, even after 20 years. Its safety in sealing and its resistance facilitate storage operations in all cases.

Water activated tape in shipping and delivery

From the moment the packaged product leaves the warehouse on its way to its destination, companies find many more advantages in the use of gummed paper tape, for several reasons:

  •         The gummed paper tape guarantees integral closure and inviolability in the shipping process. Prevent undetected openings, thefts and tampering during delivery ways. 
  •         Water activated tape is the most suitable seal for cardboard boxes: it not only closes, but also seals, welding with the cardboard box, unifying the packaging and providing it with great resistance. Thus, its use avoids problems of breakage and collapse in the boxes during the loading and unloading neccesary for delivery. There is a type of gummed paper tape for each size and weight of cardboard boxes. 
  •         Since it is printable, it can display both identification specifications, and/or necessary handling and security warnings, as wel as company logos, emblems and brand campaigns. It is a powerful tool in the marketing plans of companies in relation to the customer experience.


Made with 100% natural raw material, recyclable without to separate the boxes, it is the most valued option by consumers and companies for its sustainability.

Both in terms of productivity throughout the logistics process, as well as for its infinite possibilities of personalization, the security that it provides to packaging and its sustainability, water activated tape is being key to the functional logisctics of companies.

If you want to use of all the advantages that gummed paper tape offers in your company’s logistics, contact us here.

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