What is gummed paper tape? The perfect seal for cardboard boxes

What is gummed paper tape? The perfect seal for cardboard boxes


What is gummed paper tape?

The gummed paper tape is a long fiber Kraft paper strip on which a natural, water-activated potato starch-based adhesive solution is provided, which gives it the property of adhering by capillary action to the surfaces of the boxes cardboard, until they merge and unify with them in a single safe and resistant packaging.

We produce at IBERGUM different kind of water activated tapes, a complete range that respond to all the variety of our clients' needs, all over the five continents.

Kraft Brown gummed paper

 Our clients use it for their most common shipments on brown packaging support, and for the reinforcement of cardboard boxes that are already used but still valid, prolonging their useful life. Reusing is one way to take responsibility for our relationship with the environment and one of the 4Rs… Kraft Brown gummed paper has a great resistance capacity and we manufacture it in different widths, diameters and weights. Due to its external appearance, we distinguish two types:

  • Kraft Brown unribbed, with the appearance of the sheet as it is produced in the paper machine.
  • Kraft Brown ribbed, characterized by a pattern of intersecting lines that forms the cylindrical mold that is used in its creation, or through a watermark, which gives it an elaborate texture and a refined and elegant finish. The use of  Kraft Brown ribbed water activated tape is widespread because it always enhances the presentation of a package. It is also used in bookbinding and fine arts.

Both references have the same technical characteristics and the differences are purely aesthetic depending on the taste of the consumer in each geographic market.

Kraft Brown unribbed gummed paper tape water activated tape                

White Kraft gummed paper tape

When opting for white, white Kraft gummed paper is most appropriate for closing white packaging cartons. Kraft paper is brown in itself, but currently, based on Community regulations, it is bleached using non-polluting processes. Some of our clients prefer it for aesthetic reasons in the printing of their logos and slogans.

White Kraft gummed paper tape water activated tape IBERGUM

Kraft reinforced brown F-3 water activated tape

In packaging where the weight is greater than 25 kgs. and the measurements require it, brown reinforced gummed paper is used to close cardboard boxes of greater size and load. It is made with a double layer of paper and has internal reinforcement in a rhomboidal format.

Kraft reinforced brown F-3 water activated tape gummed paper tape IBERGUM

Kraft reinforced white F-4 gummed paper tape

The backing forms a pattern in transparency on the top side of the white paper; it is the bottom layer, of brown Kraft paper that is glued. It is made with a double layer of paper and has internal reinforcement in a rhomboidal format. The white reinforced F-4 gummed paper for closing cardboard boxes achieves highly stylized presentations and is highly resistant to loads. Recommended for packaging of more than 25 kgs.

Kraft reinforced white F-4 gummed paper tape water activated tape

Kraft gummed paper reinforced white F-5

For the closing of white cardboard boxes that support weights of over 25 kg, the reinforcement in diamond pattern and the fact that both layers of paper are white, makes its final result recommended for those cases in which the client demands an image of extreme whiteness, according to the packaging; this type of gummed paper is mostly consumed printed. Kraft reinforced White F-5 gummed paper provides all the security and elegance that your shipments need.

Kraft gummed paper tape reinforced white F-5 water activated tape 

The types of reinforced gummed paper F-3, F-4 and F5, due to their great longitudinal and transverse resistance, allow us to optimize the width of the seal.

Kraft reinforced brown H-3 gummed paper tape

In this case, the double layer of brown kraft paper has parallel internal reinforcing threads in longitudinal format. For classic presentations and the closure of cardboard boxes with large weights, higher than 25 kgs. Kraft gummed reinforced brown H-3 is an option with great resistance and packaging capacity. It is the perfect option to replace the brown reinforced single-layer and 2 or 3-wire gummies, which are currently in disuse.

kraft gummed reinforced brown H-3 water activated tape IBERGUM

Kraft gummed paper reinforced White H-4

Longitudinal internal reinforcement in the double layer of paper. The gummed underside is Kraft brown, while the top is white to achieve, with the white reinforced H-4 gummed paper, presentations according to the white packaging that at the same time require resistance to heavy weights, greater than 25 kgs. . It is the perfect option to replace the white reinforced single-layer and 2 or 3-wire gummies, currently in disuse.

Kraft gummed reinforced white H-4 gummed paper tape IBERGUM


All these types of gummed paper are manufactured in different widths, different weights and different reel diameters, depending on the requirements of our clients: the weight, dimensions and color of the cardboard box that the shipment will contain will determine the class and characteristics of the type of gummed paper used. A higher or lower weight of the box will require a type of paper of higher or lower weight and more or less width.

The Ibergum sales team will help you to determine which type of gummed paper tape is most suitable for each of your packaging and will advise you on all the printing options for your company and campaign logos and emblems.

The gummed paper tape for closing cardboard boxes has multiple uses, is made with 100% natural material from sustainable crops, is biodegradable, recyclable without additional costs and totally ecological; guarantees the complete closure and inviolability of shipments, withstands extreme conditions and saves time and money on your seals, also providing the perfect support for your company's brand image.

Have you still not made the change from plastic to gummed paper tape for the seals of your shipments? This is the moment.

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