Kraft gummed tape/water activated tape and robbery in packaging

Kraft gummed tape/water activated tape and robbery in packaging


Receiving a package that we expect after an online purchase is exciting; but what if, when you open it, the items you bought are not inside the parcel? It occurs frequently when carton boxes are not properly sealed. In the case of high value products, such as jewellery and watchmaking articles, cosmetics, medicines, liquors and food, gourmet, textiles or furniture... etc., the risk is aggravated. Closing and sealing cardboard boxes with plastic tape may not be as safe, because it is easy to take off and reposition, as shown in this video:


Then arise the problems: cover with insurance,  suspicions, almost always unfounded but devastating to a Company ambient, and the worst one, the customer doesn't care about what happened, he/she only knows that he/she has opened a parcel which did not contain what he/she was expecting. The customer doesn't care if the responsible of his/her disappointment  is the Company or the online trader where the purchase has been made. The supplier must respond inmediately or there won't be a next time..... 

Sealed with gummed paper tape/water activated tapes, the carton packaging  can't be opened excepting breaking it, which inevitably leaves evidence, ensuring detection in case of robbery  or extraction of items from the parcel. Gummed tape is a true sealing product and saves incidents along the logistic chain, problems, time and packaging costs. 

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