Gummed paper tape: the ecommerce seal

Gummed paper tape: the ecommerce seal


Gummed paper is a classic product for the safety closure of cardboard boxes, which works as a security seal for shipments packaging. It is a tape made of long-fiber kraft paper -brown or white- and potato starch as adhesive. Once applied to the cardboard box it fuses by capillarity action, unifying and strengthening the packaging.

The growth of e-commerce makes the use of gummed paper more and more common, taking advantage of its many benefits. Indeed, one of its main attributes, the guarantee of inviolability of the contents, avoiding the risk of theft and manipulation of the interior of the package. Tamper evidence is one of its main characteristics. Tape can't be removed from the box without leaving traces of damage. In fact, you can't removed it without breaking the box. Beside this one, it saves costs, also insurance ones due to these security reasons. But gummed paper tape has other very interesting qualities: supports extreme conditions of weight, temperature and humidity. Closure is resitent to aging as well.

In addition to its use in online trading, many of the major brands of products such as wine, cosmetics, perfume and jewelry use gummed paper tape because it is ideal for protect valuable products. Following this tendency, usage is increasing in food and farmaceutical industry.

The gummed paper tape can be printed to communicate logos and brand messages. Its features allows it to be used as a print medium for security instructions, EAN and QR codes, logos,  slogans or advertising messages. Its economy and easy use optimize costs in large orders preparation. 

Gummed paper is fully biodegradable and meets the environment requirements which are increasingly demanded by consumers. Due to all these reasons, e-commerce finds an added value in the use of  gummed paper tape.


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