Gummed paper tape in extreme temperatures

Gummed paper tape in extreme temperatures


Those has worked with plastic tapes in the closure of cardboard boxes in packaging área of a company, or in warehouses where goods is deposited in cardboard boxes, will have checked the effect that temperature variation has on the quality of closure of the boxes.

In fact, a plastic tape is only in optimal conditions of use and maintains its adhesive properties between 18ºC and 22ºC. During the passage of the packaging through the supply chain, the loss of the qualities of the plastic tape due to temperature changes ends in many cases in the opening of the boxes, with the consequent possibilities of theft of the products contained in the packaging. But, in addition, in storage, the plastic tape becomes brittle at low temperatures and loses its consistency when temperaturas are high; as of the year that has pase, it is imposible to guarantee the properties of the plastic tape, which gradually deteriorate, also with the result of risk of exposure of the packaged product.

Gummed paper tape, the solution in extreme temperaturas

Gummed paper tape is kept in optimal conditions of use and funcionality in a temperature range between 0ºC and 50ºC. The combination of its two components, Kraft paper -Kraft means strength in German- much more resistant than other type of paper, and natural adhesive -starch- to the water provide an amalgam of amazing durability and performance, tried and tested for a long time. This determines that both at the time of use, under extreme of cold or heat conditions, as well as in the rest of the packaging time, the gummed paper seal of the cardboard box fully preserves its properties and stability. As we have verified in physical test, the properties of the gummed paper tape continue to be maintained after 10 years and beyond. In wet or freezing conditions, extreme heat or direct sun, the gummed paper tape guarantees the perfect seal. Our customers in the food industry are increasingly using it for their packaging of frozen and baked products, because water activated tape is the optimal solution in the sealing of cardboard boxes.



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