Gummed paper tape for international ecommerce

Gummed paper tape for international ecommerce


The huge boom in online shopping has prompted packaging and distribution centers to renew their focus on packaging. The gummed paper tape is the most reliable and used ecological seal in export e-commmerce and international electronic commerce.

International online trade grows

During the fist quarter of this 2021, online sales grew 65% in Spain, well above the levels registered before the pandemic. The data confirms that the online buyer base is consolidating, around the world too. Indeed, according to data from the Shopping Index, global traffic grew by 27%, and online customer spending of 31%, anticipating growth forecast by approximately two years.

Likewise, recent studies reveal that, between 2019 and 2021, online companies in Spain, especially SMEs, have increased their international sales by 70%. Not only the pandemic, but specially the growing digitalization of companies, and the character and eagerness of entrepreneurs in the search for new markets and business opportunities, have functioned as drivers of this evolution of international electronic commerce.

Why does international ecommerce use gummed paper tape in their packaging?

Product shipping is the essence of ecommerce: thus, order preparation becomes essential to neutralize the main risk that a product bears during its transport, as well as efficiency and good quality in deliveries and receptions.

  • Productivity. The ease and speed in the application of water activated tape through dispensers, allow a considerable saving in materials, costs and time in the packing area, according to our clients, optimazing the packaging sealing process to the máximum. In high volumes of shipments, gummed paper tape always provides a competitive advantage
  • The resistance and security that the gummed paper seal provides to the cardboard boxes guarantee quality in transport. Indeed, once the water activated tape has been applied to the packaging, it ‘welds’ to the carton of the box and the packaging is unified. The more different environments a package must pass through on its way to the customer, the more reliability is required: the packaging will withstand extreme condictions of weight, heat, cold, humididy, dust or the passage of time. 
  • Sealing the packaging with gummed paper tape guarantees the inviolability of the packaged goods, and this is one of the qualities most appreciated by international online trade: companies know well that they avoid incidents because, sealing with water activated tape, their packaging is imposible to open if it is not with the breakage of the seal, always detectable in case of theft. 

The companies know that these characteristics in the seals or tapes ensure quality in the journey and in the deliveries of their freights. If we add the enormous versatility in the customization of the gummed paper tape, as the firs key point of contact of the packaging with the online customer, the respect for the Environment and the sustainability that both the raw materials that compose it, as well the recycling together with cardboard boxes after use, it is easy to understand why the most important online commerce companies in the world rely on water activated tape for their exports and throughout the international e-commerce process.



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