Fipago, the global gummed paper industry

Fipago, the global gummed paper industry


Founded in 1957 by a group of European gummed paper producers, Fipago is the International Federation of Gummed Paper Manufacturers. It was founded to ensure the continuous technological improvement of the gummed paper tape, as well as the standardization of the applications and the dispensing machinery. It brings together producers, converters and suppliers of raw materials and equipment to the global gummed paper industry and, therefore, its members are spread across Europe, India, Latin America, the US and Canada.

Its mission also includes standards regularization for gummed paper, both in flat sealing tapes of kraft paper and in fiber reinforced kraft paper with double layer, and is responsible for the evaluation of minimum quality requirements and delivery specifications, the standardization of the equipment for its application, the stocks reduction and the optimal conditions of this product.

It also deals with information on the regulations and legal uses of gummed paper, as well as the most relevant news within the sector.

IBERGUM belongs to Fipago since 1978, when it acquired the legal form of 'Sociedad Anónima (S.A.)' and started its first exports.

Our headquarters is in Haarlem (The Netherlands). 

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