Gummed paper tape and Environment

Gummed paper tape and Environment


We are increasingly aware that we live surrounded by non-biodegradable products, which we use daily with profusion, and the consequences that we bring to the Environment when we get rid of them. In the case of packaging, its function is essential, but once finished, due to its growing volume, it is very necessary to pay full attention to its environmental impact. Paper and cardboard are materials that can be recycled up to 10 times, depending on the characteristics of their fibers. When these fibers are excessively fragile and their use ful life ends, they are biodegradable and, therefore, decompose by the action of microorganisms in a totally natural biological process. The gummed paper comes from sustainable forest management crops and is recycled without added costs in the same phase of the process.

As consumers and customers we know very well that, everyday more, the packaging that respects the Environment is a determining factor in choosing one or the other brand. That's why sustainable packaging always adds value to the brand.

The gummed paper is the most environmentally friendly cardboard box sealing system.

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