Other uses of gummed paper tape

Other uses of gummed paper tape


The characteristics and composition of the gummed  paper tape were designed mainly for the safe and inviolable closure of cardboard packaging. This is indeed its main use.

But it's not the only one. The years of existence of this valuable cardboard seal have inspired other functions for which gummed paper is perfect, although they were not in its origin or in its development as a product.

What else is gummed paper tape used for?

  • Plasterboard identification. The gummed paper is also used in the packaging and identification of laminated plasterboard because it allows its correct palletization and verification, according to its different printed colors.

  • Bags for waste and garbage identification. As it does not adhere to plastic, it is excellent in this use.

  • Gummed paper tape is used in the vitreous lining manufacturing process.

  • Gummed paper tape is useful to seal and protect in the framing of paintings and pictures, and in serigraphy.

  • Long-term storage and custody of products. Gummed paper tape maintains its properties even after 20 years.
  • Binding of books and documents.
  • Proyectos de decoración, reparación y reforzado.


Its composition and manufacturing method make gummed paper tape a hygienic seal, essential in the packaging of pharmaceutical industry products. Furthermore, because it always leaves evidence of tampering, water activated tape is invaluable in shipments of sensitive products, such as electronics products, whose size and value make them specially targets for theft and tampering during distribution, and in luxury goods and high value ones, for the same reasons.

The reinforced water activated tape big resistance makes it irreplaceable in the packaging of the heaviest automotive products. The wide range of temperatures that gummed paper tape supports and its odorless nature keep foods and beverages, frozen products and baked goods, perfectly packaged at the required temperatures and conditions, which is why the food industry uses it widely throughout the world. 

We have already seen how the Lumière brothers used strips of gummed paper tape to seal their autochrome plate at the beginning of color photography. And how, during de world wars, water activated tape was use to protect people from shattered window glass during bombing raids…

Long years of existence, in which gummed paper tape has proven effective in many different uses.

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