Production and sale of kraft gummed tapes for closing carton boxes, sell of kraft paper

European leader producing kraft gummed tapes

Gummed paper tape: yesterday, today, ever

Saving, security and ecology in your shipments

Nature and technology advance together

Close your carton boxes in a strong, secure, economical and ecological way

Along these years, our policy of continuous innovation and improvement altogether with the commitment to our customers and the environment, have allowed us to lead the domestic market and be on top of the gummed tapes European and world one.

Since 1958

Gummed tape:
a classic full of advantages

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Some of the biggest world Companies are enjoying IBERGUM products, through important saving costs. Now it’s your time

Discover your saving with IBERGUM


The beauty of paper

Our customers know that customizing is something that the consumer does not forget, that the small details are really important. Have you already chosen between plastic and paper for your packaging?

these are our products

Kraft gummed tape

Kraft gummed tape

Paper for packaging

Paper for packaging

Kraft paper for wrapping coins

Kraft paper for wrapping coins

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Ibergum, leaders in kraft gummed tapes

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